How to Promote CME conferences

The progression of technology and other trends that impact Continued Medical Education (CME) have surpassed the level of marketing and technology expertise of many CME providers. This in combination with physicians being more selective in the conferences they attend (due to the cuts in clinician educational budgets as well as their limited amount of time away from the office) has made targeted promoting and marketing for your CME conference more important than ever. Here are some ways to best promote a Cardiology CME conference and see an increase in registration:

Add Your CME Product to a Conference Search Engine
Conference search engines compile listings from CME providers and then display them in one place, making it easy for prospective attendees to find the most valuable conference.

Make a Landing Page for your Conference
It is essential for there to be a dedicated page on your website for your CME conference. It should contain the details and offerings of the conference. Important information to include: Date and Location, Specific topic, Speakers, What the attendee will gain, testimonials, Research, Networking events, Contact Information. This page can be linked to through social media, conference search engines, blogs, etc.

Create a Blog
Blogging increases the exposure of your CME conference to a wider audience. You can build a customer base, launch new items, and establish yourself as a specialist. As readers and attendees share your blog post on social media, you’ll gain even more visibility.

Launch a Social Media Campaign
Social media allows an inside look into the happenings of your organization. If your social media channels are engaging, fun, educational, and helpful, visitors will assume your conference will be the same. This in turn will encourage them not only to interact and share the information on social media with other like-minded individuals, but also attend your CME conference. There are some assumptions that “physician-only” channels (like Doximity and Sermo) are the best way to engage and promote, but we have found that targeted use of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have been beneficial platforms as well.

Paid Digital Ads
Digital advertising is extremely effective due to parameters you can set and customization options available to reach valuable demographics such as fellows, students, physicians, nurses, and previous attendees of one of your CME conferences. You have complete control over everything from how much you spend, to who sees your ads, and when they will be run.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization helps to increase the visibility of your CME conference on search engines. The higher you rank, for a valuable key word or phrase relevant to your conference, the greater the likelihood you have of increasing your conversions and getting more physicians registered for your conference. 75% of search users never move past the first or second page of search results. This makes high ranking SEO vital for marketing.

Utilizing these avenues will help you appropriately market your CME conferences to a broad audience of medical professionals and prospective learners so you can increase exposure, engagement, attendance, and revenue.