29th World Cardiology Conference

November 19, 2018

November 20, 2018

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About Conference

It is with great pleasure and honor World Cardiology Conferences team announces for the upcoming CME Accredited 29th World Cardiology Conference which will be held during November 19-20, 2018 at Edinburgh, Scotland. The conference has been in existence for 3 years all over the world and has entered its 4th year in Scotland. Expert faculty will present practical clinical approaches to diagnostics and latest management strategies of challenging and controversial topics in cardiology.

World Cardiology conferences or rather all cardiology meeting, cardiology events will help in frameworks organization, B2B teaming up amidst specialists and academicians. We have dealt with various exciting cardiology events and cardiology gatherings and develop incredible relations bringing the researchers and associations together. Cardiology conferences, cardiologist get-togethers and cardiology events are crucial for the essential people to think about the most basic bit of human body.

Summary of the conference:

World Cardiology Conference is a unique forum to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular researchers, public health professionals, scientists, academic scientists, industry researchers, scholars to exchange about state of the art research and technologies. Expert faculties will discuss the relevant advances in Cardio research and will explore the novel trends to reduce the effects of cardiovascular risk factors.

Scope and importance:

The world is becoming increasingly vulnerable to public health challenges and risks for cardiac diseases bursts. And the Conference provides a unique opportunity for Academic leaders, educators and, clinicians as well as for experts and scholars of higher education from all over the world to con-vane and share novel ideas on crucial issues and trends in the area of cardiology. From prevention through optimal care and, finally, to targeted treatment modes and rehabilitation the whole range of cardiovascular disease will be presented with world-class faculty, researchers, and mentors as well as healthcare clinical professionals.

The aim of this conference is stimulate new ideas for treatment and analyze the current market for the future direction of cardiovascular drugs, devices, and diagnostics, with an emphasis on newer products that will be beneficial across the spectrum of cardiology. Lectures will provide a comprehensive state-of-the-art update of the clinical uses of various techniques in the diagnosis, prognosis, and management of common heart diseases

Greatest achievements in the field of cardiology:

The great achievement in lowering cardiovascular humanity rates during the last decades of the 20th century are secondary to the extraordinary advances made in the understanding of basic cardiovascular science and in the enlargement of new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. The most important cardiologic developments and discoveries of the last century are electrocardiography; preventive cardiology and the Framingham Study; “lipid hypotheses” and atherosclerosis; coronary care units; echocardiography; thrombolytic therapy; cardiac catheterization and coronary angiography; open-heart surgery; automatic implantable cardiac defibrillators; and coronary angioplasty.

Why Edinburgh, Scotland:

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world at present. As per the current statistics, more than 17.3 million people die from cardiovascular disease every year. The current situation of Scotland in terms of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease has been consistently recorded by official mortality statistics and various epidemiological studies. According to Scottish Heart Disease Statistics new analysis of official figures has revealed Scotland has the UK’s highest levels of fatal heart disease. An average of 1760 people in Glasgow alone dies each year from cardiovascular disease, or 400 for every 100,000 population.

Despite a substantial reduction in the rate of death from coronary heart disease (CHD) over the last decade, the heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death in Scotland. In 2015, there were 7,142 deaths recorded in Scotland where CHD was the core cause. The disease is caused when the heart’s blood vessels, the coronary arteries, become narrowed or blocked and cannot supply enough blood to the heart. Scotland has a high occurrence of the risk factors related to heart disease, such as smoking, poor diet and physical inactivity. According to Scottish Health Survey 2015 it is estimated that around 7.5% of men and 4.6% of women are living with CHD. Diagnosing, treating and preventing heart disease is a national clinical priority for Scotland.

The Scottish Heart Disease Statistics publication is produced every year to provide information on a range of different heart conditions in Scotland including:

· All Heart disease

· Acute myocardial infarction (a medical term for a heart attack)

· Angina

· Heart failure

· Coronary heart disease (also referred to as ischaemic heart disease, a collective term that includes angina, heart attack and heart failure)

The different types of procedures used to diagnose and treat heart disease, including;

· Angiography: a procedure to examine the coronary arteries

· Angioplasty: or percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, a procedure to widen narrowed coronary arteries

· Coronary artery bypasses graft: a procedure to replace narrowed coronary arteries with grafts.

Disease of the heart, vascular disease of the brain and disease of the blood vessel constitutes as a cardiovascular disease. The most prevalent cardiovascular diseases include coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease. Controlling key risk factors such as diet, physical activity, tobacco use, and blood pressure may reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease

Coronary disease is an important factor related to stroke occurrence during older age. During the present scenario there has been rapid growth in costly medical technology and pharmaceutical treatments for Heart Diseases, as well as substantial public health efforts to reduce the levels of major cardiovascular risk factors.

The high risk of heart disease in the region can also be attributed to an inadequate and the high consumption of fat and carbohydrates.

Some of the other factors causing Cardiovascular Disease are

• Being physically inactive

• Being overweight or obese

• Ancestors of heart disease

• Ethnical background

• Sex – men are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease at an earlier age than women.

• Age – the older you are, the more likely you are to develop cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Why to attend?

29th World Cardiology Congress is among the World’s leading Scientific Conference to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of cardiology, cardiovascular researchers, public health professionals, professors, academic scientists, industry researchers, scholars to exchange their ideas about research state and technologies. With people from around the world focused on getting some answers concerning Cardiovascular Diseases, this is your most obvious opportunity to accomplish the greatest accumulation of individuals from the mending focuses, Universities, bunch, etc. The Conference will provide enough space for discussion, meetings and workshops in order to allow a close contact between speakers and visitors. Many distinguished cardiologists, cardiac surgeons’ researchers and scientists will take part in this Conference. Papers will be presented in the form of plenary sessions, symposia and posters and will include superb scientific and clinical material that was carefully selected by the Review Committee. The Conference will provide the ideal forum to stimulate ideas and establish collaborations.


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